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Adenanthera Fabae Circassian Bean Adenanthera Pavonina Red Sandalwood Seed Adenould Likehera Paudio-videoonina Hai Hong Dou

Jequirity beans are tall twinning perennials with prickles along the stems. The fruits are dry dehiscent legumes with few seeds. The seeds contain the toxin abrin and are highly poisonous; the consumption of a single chewed seed can be fatal to an adult human.
Product Details:

Common Name:

Circassian Faba

Botanical Name:

Adenanthera  Pavonina L

Latin Name:

Adenanthera Fabae

Pinyin Name:

Hai Hong Dou

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic & NOP Organic Certified




Clear away heat eliminate toxin dry dampness

Details Information:


Boherbs’ wild-growing farm, promotes the use of natural materials and traditional methods for growing without using chemicals or artificial fertilizers, which are harmful to both our health and the environment. we aim to show people around the world that organic farming methods can be profitable as well as healthy.

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