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In Natural products industry, farming and cultivation is the start of production, is the root of developing. Boherbs have two farm planting ways, one is concluding and signing contracts with local farmers, another one is renting land and planting the herbs by ourselves. The two planting way must implement under the control of GAP requirement.

Farm Bases Introduction:

Various herbs need different weather situation and environment, Bohers found many farms according to herbs weather situation requirement across China. There are 42 farm bases and planting gardens in total until now, 6 organic farms, 14 wild collection farms, 22 GAP specification planting farms.The manager of farm bases spend 240 days in administering farmers on planting, weeding, getting rid of pests naturally.

●  Six organic farms bases could provide more than 60 various herbs& plants.

●  Wild collection farm bases should have clearing and non-polluted land, and farmers must temperate pick herbs to ensure the herbs sustainable development.

●  In GAP specification planting farms, Boherbs ask bases must finish and check each process steps, include ecosystem, germplasm materials,cultivation, collection& processing, packaging& transportation, storage, quantitative administration, personnel& facilities, archives& documentions, so that could control and keep the herbs quality.

Boherbs would ask farm bases to provide herbs origin information report, visit and check farm bases, inspect production process regularly. All of farm bases should provide the distinct and complete planting records for any herbs and plants. Bohers and customers could know the herbs, plants detail information for different batch products.

Boherbs have own factory and farm bases could help customer reduce the purchasing cost, shorten purchasing leadtime, keep in sustainable goods supplying, avoid pollution chance, and would provide newest, season’s herbs for customers.

So Boherbs could provide the best medicinal and active ingredients value herbs to customers. And Boherbs insist on offering and providing new herbs product each year.