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Angelica Root Nutritional Supplements
Dec 14, 2017

Angelica Root with Chinese Date, Egg and Brown Sugar Soup


The soup rich in vitamins B12, vitamins C, and have the function of curing the spleen & stomach weakness, asthenia of qi & blood, anemia & sallow complexion.

Detail soup process as below:

1) Clean the food raw, and soak 10g angelica root, 10pcs Chinese date 10 minutes. Then put them with 2 eggs into the casserole with 5 bowls water.

2) After the heat boiled simmer about 3 minutes, remove the eggs shell, and then reput eggs in the casserole to cook for about thirty minutes.

3) When the casserole water to the amount of a bowlpick out angelica slices, add the right amount brown sugar.





Angelica Root Porridge

Angelica Root Porridge is a kind of traditional tonic diet. The porridge have the function of promoting blood circulation & arresting pain and relaxing bowel.

Detail boil porridge process as below:


1) Cleaning 20g angelica root, and put it into the casserole, sock them with 600ml warm water around 10 minutes.

2) Same twice boiling, after boiled simmer it between 20-30minutes.Need to left 150ml juice after twice boiling.

3) Cleaning 55g rice and 20g Chinese date. Put rice, Chinese date, sugar and juice in the casserole, also could add adapt water to boil porridge.


At last you could eat the good taste soup with healthy!