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Differences Between Traditional Chinese Medicine Extract And Traditional Chinese Medicine
Oct 23, 2017

Traditional  Chinese medicine is generally refers to the traditional Chinese  medicine Pieces, that is, the original herbs medicine. With  the influence of western medicine in recent decades, some traditional Chinese medicine extracts, such as berberine, ephedrine, ligustrazine  and so on. So what is the difference between them in the end?
      According to every taste of traditional Chinese medicine is has its specific overall characteristics. Has its own unique characteristics of the core and bias. That is, a thing has a value. It is usually said that a thing is a tai chi. From  the reference model, the model is a standard round as a reference and  ruler, and each taste in addition to a very individual, are showing a  keep its core deviation in a certain direction or a certain level, the  level of not Rules of the body. Its extract is extracted from the tendons, as a continuous line to use, is a local typical. Has clearly undermined its integrity. The quick efficacy and disadvantages are derived from this.
      For  example, the traditional medicine is like a bicycle wheel, and the  extract is like the entire wheel on the chain out, connected to form a  straight line. The role and the state is obviously completely different.
      Of course, under certain conditions, there is a certain direct effect. But for the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine constant movement is different. Its use with only Western medicine with the mechanical exactly the same.
      Therefore,  the traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine  extract of the difference is also very clear reflected. We evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of its role, naturally it will be relatively objective and fair. The actual application will not be because of its limitations and too blind.