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Extracts In The Cosmetics Industry For Some Applications
Oct 23, 2017

(1) aloe extract: a very good lubrication and moisturizing effect, but  also anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and promote damage to skin  healing.
(2)  Centella asiatica extract: with sterilization, anti-inflammatory  effect, promote blood circulation, increase skin thickness, for rough,  dry skin and lip care products. Anti-wrinkle cosmetics.
(3) Ginseng extract: to promote skin function, increase skin vitality, protect the skin and other functions. Chinese medicine believes that ginseng has beauty moisturizing, longevity function. For the skin, with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effect. Particularly suitable for dry and allergic skin.
(4) grapefruit extract: with fresh, calm, soothing and other functions.
(5) Hawthorn extract: with blood circulation, activate the skin,  nourish the convergence, promote the role of skin function, especially  for oily skin.
(6) hops extract: a calm, relax, nourish the skin function, especially suitable for neutral and allergic skin.
(7) Buckeyes extract: with blood circulation, promote absorption, enhance the skin
Vibrant function, especially suitable for neutral and oily skin.
(8) horsetail extract: with convergence, to promote the role of strengthening the skin, especially for oily and allergic skin.
(9) Hojoaba extract: a repair skin, improve skin feeling, moisturizing and other functions.
(10) Kiwi extract: rich in natural acid, inorganic salts, minerals,  sugar, vitamin C, with moisturizing, skin care and other functions.
(11) Lavender extract: with moisturizing, soothing, antibacterial, relaxation, calm, balance and other functions.
(12) lemon extract: powder, water-soluble products, rich in vitamins  VC, VB, natural acid and minerals, with convergence, antibacterial,  whitening, refreshing, moisturizing and other effects.
(13) oat extract: with itching, blood circulation, sedation, nutrition, promote skin vitality of the function.
(14) papaya extract: natural papaya extract, with the skin to promote  regeneration, firming, skin care, moisturizing whitening and other  functions.
(15) peach extract: a fresh, anti-inflammatory, firming, moisturizing, and promote skin regeneration and other functions.
(16) Rosemary extract: colorless products, with the protection of the  skin, blood circulation, strengthen the skin, promote skin function and  so on, especially for dry to oily skin.
(17) seaweed extract: a calm, smooth moisturizing function, and slimming weight loss, especially for neutral to dry skin.
(18) angelica extract: with blood circulation, blood, nourishing  function, commonly used in female nourishing, can promote skin blood  circulation, nourish, whitening skin.
(19) honeysuckle extract: with Qufeng itching, detoxification, antibacterial, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and other effects.
(20) Pueraria extract: with heat, hangover, anti-aging effect. Contains rich flavonoids and protects the skin.