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Ginseng Root
Nov 17, 2017

Ginseng, with botanical name of Panax ginseng, is a perennial plant which grows best in the cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere, and in China, that in Northeast China is the best-quality and the most precious. It has been used as top-class tonic in Chinese Tradtional Medicine since ancient times and has a good effect on anti-aging, maintaining and restoring the cell’s capacity to function. Harvsted in late September to October, Ginseng root is processed into White Ginseng and Red Ginseng according to different preparations.
Medicinal Properties
Sweet and slightly bitter in flavor, warm in nature, and calm the mind to promote intelligence.
Invigorate renalqi, strengthen qi of the spleen and lung, promote production of the body fluids to quench thirst, and calm the mind to promote intelligence.