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Honeysuckle Plant Extract Coating Clothing Can Be Anti-ultraviolet
Oct 23, 2017

Scientists  have reported that honeysuckle extracts can produce a highly efficient  natural coating of clothing that can be used to protect people from  harmful sun (UV) damage from the sun. Their report was published in the Journal of the American  Chemical Society (ACS) in the Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  Research magazine.
      Ren-Cheng  Tang and Sha-Sha Sun point out that consumers who fear the risk of skin  cancer and skin premature aging are increasingly relying on clothing to  protect the sun's ultraviolet rays. Natural UV protective coatings may have some advantages, including a more sustainable production and less environmental impact. They point out that Chinese medicine has been using honeysuckle for the treatment of colds and fever for centuries. One component of honeysuckle is used to preserve food, and it is an additive that makes the skin look younger. This group of scientists in their new study hopes to find out  whether honeysuckle extract can promote the ability of wool fabrics to  block ultraviolet light.
      They  found that wool fabrics coated with honeysuckle extracts were more  efficient than non-treated wool fabrics to block ultraviolet light,  providing higher UV protection for such plants. This extract is durable and remains active on the wool fabric, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and washing. This  group of researchers concluded that honeysuckle extract showed  significant potential as a natural UV blocking agent for clothing.