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Identification Of Perilla Leaf
Aug 20, 2018

Identification of Perilla leaf

1. Leaves of purple Perilla, which are wrinkled, crimp and broken, are oval after being flattened, 4-11cm long and 2.5-9cm wide. Petiole 2-5cm long, purple or purplish green. Very brittle. In the case of anaplastic branches, the diameter of the branch is 2-5mm, purplish green, with pith in the middle of the section. The air is sweet and the taste is pungent.

2. Leaves of wild purple Perilla, oval-shaped, 4-7cm long and 2.5-5cm wide when the whole leaves are flattened; Leaves green, dark green or purplish, margin rounded serrated. Complete leaves, purple color and strong fragrance are preferred.