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Japan Honeysuckle Alabastrum(Lonicera Japonica Thunb.) Can Be Divided Into Three Kinds Of Medicine
Jul 26, 2018

Japan honeysuckle alabastrum(Lonicera japonica Thunb.) can be divided into three kinds of medicine:

 fresh medicine, stir-fried medicine and charcoal medicine.

Fresh medicine is fresh honeysuckle through the sun, drying and other methods of dry products. It has a sweet and bitter taste, a cold sex, and is good at purifying the toxin and evil of the upper coke and muscle surface.

Stir-fried medicine is to put the honeysuckle in the pot, stir - fry with gentle fire until deep yellow .

Charcoal medicine is stir-fried with strong fire, stir - Fried honeysuckle to coke yellow or slightly black, storage reserve.  

Japan honeysuckle alabastrum 04.jpg