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Lily Bulb Porridge
Apr 16, 2018

Lily Bulb Porridge:

   Lily Bulb Porridge: Lily Bulb 30g, japonica rice 60g.

1.      Clean Lily Bulb and Japonica rice

2.      Put them in pot, add water, boiled with slightly fire

3.      Add some sugar when the lily bulb and rice cooked tender. Serve.

It is suitable for elderly people and those who suffer from physical weakness after a long illness and upset with insomnia and low-grade fever and irritability. In addition, add tremella into the lily bulb porridge can strongly nourishing and nourishing lung, add semen nelumbinis into the lily bulb porridge can nourishing yin and clear heart Add green beans can strengthen the effect of pure heart and detoxification.

Lily Bulb Porridge.png