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Notoginseng (Panax Notoginseng (Burk.) F. H. Chen) Knowledge
Nov 30, 2017


Notoginseng, the medicinal material is mainly produced in the areas of Yunnan, Guangxi, and ect..The root that has grown for over three years is collected. The one that is dug during the first ten days of August, after or before 10 days of the begging of Autumn is called “Chunsanqi”, which is better in quality; and is dug in Nov. of winter when the seed is ripe is called “Dongsanqi”, which is poorer in quality. The root collected is exposed to the sun until it becomes half dryness, and then it is rubbed with the hands as it is in the sun so as to make its surface smooth and the body somewhat conical and solid, and then dried in the sun, the crude is used.

Actions: Remove blood stasis to stop bleeding, promote blood circulation and alleviate pain

Market Specifications

Due to notoginseng high value, which being well-known and widely used for well-being in China, It is classified into various grades, the following spec.s are the most favored in world market.


Grade 1: 20pcs/500g, length < 6cm

Grade 2: 40pcs/500g, length< 5cm

Grade 3: 60-80pcs/500g, length 3-4cm

Grade 4: 120pcs/500g, length<2.5cm


And most customers would like to produce notoginseng powder with Grade1 and 3 ones.



Introduce three regular applications of notoginseng to everyone.


1) As a mask, has the function of promoting blood circulation and soothing, anti-aging, after a long period usage, could make the skin smooth, delicate.

2) As clinical application, used for various kinds of internal and external bleedings, especially for the bleeding with blood stasis.

3) Notoginseng powder, with hemostasis, blood circulation, swelling and pain, nourishing strong, anti-fatigue, hypoxia, anti-aging, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, improve immune function

Boherbs Notoginseng Farm

Notoginseng plant diseases have two part:root part diseases and aerial part diseases. Some general farmers would use dichlovos ,decis and ect.pesticides to prevent the diseases.

But Boherbs have own notoginseng farm bases in Yunnan,planter would provide organic fertilizer for soil instead of chemical fertilizer. The notoginseng should through more than 300 pesticide detections before send to customers.