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Organic Herbal Cosmetics Skin Care Concept
Oct 23, 2017

China  has always been a natural plant power, but also the world of natural  herbs research and application of one of the earliest civilizations. As early as 5000 years ago, some people use flowers or plants to produce the original "natural cosmetics." Legend  of the original tribal period of more than 4000 years ago, the emperor  of the Yellow Emperor Fei Fei, who used Angelica to moisturize the skin,  beauty beauty. According  to the classic records, the ancient court, physicians have used natural  plants for the harem concubine maintenance of the skin, such as the  palace fumigation and so on. BC  221 - AD 220 years, China's first pharmacy monograph "Shen Nong's  Materia Medica", a total of 365 kinds of drugs listed, there are dozens  of drugs with cosmetic effects, such as "white long skin, moisturizing  color, can be made Face fat ".

Although  the world has used natural plants as medicinal, but the natural herbs  rose into a special medical faction, the world is only China, said:  "Chinese medicine." Organic  Chinese herbal medicine skin care concept: the use of organic herbal  medicine herbs as raw materials, adhering to the traditional "Emperor"  of Chinese medicine skin care health theory, the development of various  types of skin care products, both safe and healthy, will become the  world's unique natural herbs Skin care factions.

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