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Plant Extract Market Supply And Demand
Oct 23, 2017

There are  many different varieties of plant extracts, the supply and demand of  these products with the year and a variety of market factors continue to  change, the imbalance between supply and demand situation has occurred.
① product supply impact
As  the raw material of plant extract industry is agroforestry products, it  is susceptible to factors such as weather, pest and plant area. The  purchase price and quantity of raw materials in different years will  fluctuate. Raw material price fluctuation will make the price of natural  plant extract products The degree of change, the occurrence of market supply and demand imbalance.
② the impact of market demand
Most  manufacturers have limited knowledge of overseas market demand, which  may lack scientific and long-term accurate judgment of market demand. When  a product market demand is good, the short term there will be a  shortage of market demand situation, but with the spread of market  information, a large number of enterprises will be on the repeated  production, leading to product oversupply.