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Early Processing Of Fresh RHIZOMA PINELLIAE (Pinellia Ternate)
Jun 14, 2018

Early Processing of Fresh RHIZOMA  PINELLIAE (Pinellia  ternate)

(1) Fermentation: pile the harvested fresh summer tubers in the room with a thickness of 50cm and pile them for 15-20 days. Check and find that the skin of the summer is slightly decayed.

(2) Dermabrasion: after fermentation, the tubers of summer were screened out into 3 grades: big, medium and small. According to the numbers, can be divided into manual peeling and mechanical peeling.

(3) Drying: peeling pinellia need to be dried immediately, the best in the sun insolates, and constantly flipping, split back in the evening indoor, to remove the sun to dry the next day,then it will be a commodity.

RHIZOMA  PINELLIAE (Pinellia  ternate)003.jpg