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RHIZOMA PINELLIAE (Pinellia Ternate) Boiling Water Cures Nausea
Jun 15, 2018

RHIZOMA  PINELLIAE (Pinellia  ternate)  boiling water cures nausea


Take 9 grams of rhizome pinelliae, 9 grams of dry ginger, add 2000 ml water, boil to 1200 ml, remove slag, boil to 600 ml again, take 100 ml warm, 3 times /day. This party, pinellia bitter ,dry, phlegm fights, inverse and stomach, dry wet phlegm, inverse anti-nausea and new fights, used in phlegm cough asthma, phlegmy drink dizzy nervous, wind sputum dizziness, faint headache, vomiting, nausea, chest often new frowsty, etc., can be effective sickness.