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Several Common Chinese Herbal Cooking Spices In Life
Oct 23, 2017

(1) anise, also known as anise, wood fennel, aniseed, is a woody plant. Taste spices. Taste sweet, fragrant. Alone or with its medicine (incense) are used in the United States. Mainly used for burning, halogen, stew, simmer and other animal raw materials. Sometimes for vegetarian. Such as stewed radish, stewed beans and so on. The octagonal is the main spice in the spiced powder. It is also the most important spice in brine.
Attributes: Sexuality. Function: cure abdominal pain, flat vomiting, stomach should be in the  treatment of hernia Zhengjia, cured cold dampness, Shugan warm stomach.
(2) fennel (ie fennel child), also known as fennel, grass fennel. Herbs are herbaceous plants, flavored spices. Taste sweet, incense, alone or with its drug can be combined. The leaves of fennel can be stuffed with dumplings, but rarely used for seasoning. Fennel is mainly used for halogen, boiled poultry dishes or beans, peanuts, soy products and so on.
Taste, property, function and octagonal basically the same.
(3) cinnamon, also known as cinnamon, that is, the skin of the laurel. Is a woody woody plant. Taste spices. Taste Gan, incense, are generally used in conjunction with its drugs, rarely used alone. Mainly used for halogen, burning, cooking, simmering livestock and other beasts and other dishes. Is the main seasoning in brine.
Attributes: big hot, dry fire. Function: Yigan, through the line, blood, dispelling cold, dehumidification.

(4) angelica, is a vanilla herb, spicy flavor. Sweet, bitter, fragrant. Mainly used for stewing, cooking livestock or beast dishes. Because of its very strong taste, so the amount of little, otherwise, the reverse dishes.
Attributes: Sexuality. Function:  blood and blood, adjust the gas table, treatment of women irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge, dysmenorrhea, anemia embolism. For gynecological medicine.