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Simple Identification Method Of Adulterated Japan Honeysuckle Alabastrum(Lonicera Japonica Thunb.)
Jul 25, 2018

1. Look from the packaging: the same weight, pure honeysuckle light weight, large volume, adulterated mass, small size.

2. From the surface of honeysuckle: the surface of pure honeysuckle is densely pubescent, fluffy, stretched, natural, and elastic in the hand; the adulterated surface is unevenly attached to a layer of weight-increasing powder similar in color to it, short-haired Covered by weight-increasing powder, the flower body is stiff, unnatural, and it is fragile and inelastic.

3. Water soaking: the pure water of honeysuckle is clarified and there is no sedimentation at the bottom of the container; the adulterated water solution is turbid, wait for a moment, there is precipitation at the bottom of the container.

Japan honeysuckle alabastrum 03.jpg