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Bitter Melon Powder Bitter Melon Powder

Bitter Melon Powder Bitter Melon Powder
Bitter melon powder is light green color, bitter taste in the mouth, easy to dissolve in water, 100~150 mesh, without any additives and preservatives, is natural green food.
Product Details:

Bitter melon powder is light green color, bitter taste in the mouth, easy to dissolve in water, 100~150 mesh, without any additives and preservatives, is natural green food.


Common Name:

Bitter melon powder

Botanical Name:

Momordica   charantia L

Latin Name:

Momordica   Charantia Linn

Pinyin Name

Ku Gua Fen

Quality   Standard:

EU Organic   & NOP Organic Certified



Harvesting   and Collection:

Harvested in summer

Nature,   Taste and Meridian attribution:

Bitter in taste, cold in nature. Attributive   to Heart, spleen, stomach meridians.


1.   Health function

Balsam pear powder tastes bitter and has   the functions of removing heat from heat, detoxifying eyesight, nourishing   blood and nourishing qi and so on. It has the effect of food therapy on   febrile thirst, heat stroke, dysentery, eye sight, carbuncles, erythema and   erythema. In addition, the effective ingredient of the balsam pear contains   "plant insulin", namely the balsam pear glycosides, can reduce   blood sugar safe and smooth, it is important to improve the function of   pancreatic gland repair B cells, the complications have obvious improvement   effect, with function of regulating blood lipid, lowering blood pressure at   the same time, still can make insulin enhanced cell activity, enhanced their   ability to regulate blood sugar, accelerate the blood glucose oxidation,   accords with the natural law of human body metabolism; Balsam pear is also   effective in removing irritations and irritations in summer heat, improving   eyesight and invigorating Yang. It can clear toxins and decrease internal   heat when eaten at ordinary times. Balsam pear also has the reputation of   "plant insulin", which can prevent and improve complications of   diabetes, regulate blood lipids and improve immunity.

2. Slimming function

A bitter melon contains 0.4 percent of the   "weight loss" ingredient that is as expensive as gold --   high-energy lipids, the "fat killer" ingredient that reduces fat   and polysaccharides by about 40 to 60 percent. Experiments have shown that   taking one milligram of the compound a day can prevent about 100 grams of fat   from being absorbed and make the waistline smaller by as much as 2   millimeters... Pharmacological studies confirm that high-energy element does   not enter human body blood, only applies to the important parts of the body   to absorb fats - small intestine, by changing the mesh intestinal cells,   prevent fat, polysaccharide macromolecular substances of high quantity of   heat absorption, so as to accelerate the absorption of small molecules in the   body nutrition, and is not involved in human metabolism, so without any side   effects.

3. Medicinal functions

The "peptide-p" found in balsam   pear powder is as effective for diabetes as insulin and can be used instead   as a treatment for diabetes. Material basis may include steroid glucoside,   saponin, peptide substance. The balsam pear protein contained in balsam pear   powder can improve the immune function of the body and promote immune cells   to destroy cancer cells. The active ingredients are protein and saponin.   Bitter gourd has anti-hiv effect, anti-virus protein MAP30 is expected to   develop a new drug to treat AIDS. Balsam pear contains a contraceptive substance   that can cause early and middle abortion or deformity in pregnant mice.

Usage and   Dosage:

Edible, make facial mask. It can be taken   alone, heat water, honey to drink;


Balsam pear nature is cold, the person with   deficient cold of spleen and stomach is unfavorable edible. Balsam pear   contains quinine, can stimulate uterine contraction, induced abortion,   pregnant women should be careful to eat.

Activating   ingredients:

Balsam pear powder is prepared by low   temperature drying and ultrafine crushing. Balsam pear powder is rich in   protein, fat, sugar, cellulose, carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin C, balsam pear   glycoside, calcium, iron, phosphorus and so on. Among them, vitamin C content   is very rich.

Processing   Methods and Functions:

Grinding, debitter, filtration,   precipitation, drying


Balsam pear powder is widely used in   natural health nutrition (it can be used as special food for diabetics,   slimming food and health food for consumers), functional food, special   additives for advanced cosmetics and pharmaceutical raw materials.


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