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Divaricate Saposhnikovia Root

Divaricate Saposhnikovia Root
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Product Details:

The source is from the root of Saposhnikoviae divaricata(Turcz.)Schischk, family Umbelliferae. Its producing areas are mainly in these of Northeast China, Hebei, Sichuan, and Yunnan, etc.

Common Name:

Divaricate  Saposhnikovia Root

Botanical Name:

Saposhnikovia  divaricata(Turcz.)  Schischk

Latin Name:


Pinyin Name

Fang Feng

Plant Part Used:


Quality   Standard:

EU Organic   & NOP Organic Certified



Harvesting   and Collection:

Collected in   spring or autumn.


Root   sturdy with thin and tense root-bark, bearing a brown ring in the cross   section and pale color in the center is the best.

Nature,   Taste and Meridian attribution:

Pungent and sweet in taste and warm in nature. Attributive to   the bladder, liver, spleen meridians.


1.      Expel wind and relieve exterior syndrome.

2.    Eliminate dampness, relieve   convulsion and siarrhea.

Usage and   Dosage:

 3 9g is   used in decoction for oral use.


It is not suitable   for those suffering from Yin and blood deficiency or fever. Spasmodic   spasmodic spasmodic, negative and vigorous fire should be used with caution.

Active Ingredients:  

Legume root contain   ketone components: Sensing ketone alcohol (lede - bouriellol), 4 '- O -   glucose base - 5 - O - tooth Miami methyl alcohol (4' - O - glucosyl - 5 - O   - methylvisamminol), 3 '- O - angelica acyl hai phenol (3' - O - angeloyl -   hamaudol), hai MAO phenol (hamaudol), 3 '- O - acetyl hai MAO phenol (3' - O   - acetyl - hamaudol), hai MAO phenolic glucoside (SEC - O -   glucosylhamaudol), 5 - O - methyl with Amy alcohol (5 - O -   methylyisamminol), cohosh (cimifugin), cohosh grain glucoside (prim - O -   glucosylcimifugin); Ingredients of coumarin: bergapten, psoralen,   imperatorin, phellopte-rin, deltoin, xanthotoxin, anomalin, scopoletin, and   marmesin. Polyacetylene: panaxynol, also known as falcarinol, falcarindiol,   (8E) -17c-1, 8-diene-4, 6-2, 10-diol [(8E) -heptadeca-1, 8-diene-4, 6-diyn-3,   10diol]; Windproof acid polysaccharides (saposhnikovan) A, C; The volatile   oils contain a number of 10 components, a total of 20 that can be identified,   and are high in octanal (octanal), capsaic-bisabolene (campus-bisabolene),   nonanal (nonanal), 7-octene-4-ol, hexanal (hexanal), cuparene (cuparene), and   cai-eudesmol (proterygium).

Processing   Methods:

Dried in the sun and cut into   pieces, generally, either crude one or carbonized one is used for medication.


The drug possesses antipyretic, anti-inflammatory   and anticonvulsive effects, and can inhibit the growth of Bacillus pyocyaneus   and staphylococcus aureus.

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