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Dried Black Goji Berries Lycium Ruthenicum

Dried Black Goji Berries Lycium Ruthenicum
Lycium purple black berries, globose, sometimes slightly concave top, 4-9 mm in diameter. Seed kidney-shaped, brown, 1.5 mm long and 2 mm wide. Flowering period from May to October.
Product Details:

Lycium purple black berries, globose, sometimes slightly concave top, 4-9 mm in diameter. Seed kidney-shaped, brown, 1.5 mm long and 2 mm wide. Flowering period from May to October.


Common Name:

Dried Black Goji  Berries

Botanical Name:

Lycium ruthenicum Murr.

Latin Name:


Pinyin Name

Hei Gou Qi

Plant Part Used:


Quality   Standard:

EU Organic   & NOP Organic Certified



Harvesting   and Collection:

Harvested in   August and September


No impurities, diameter is 0.5-1.0cm.

Nature,   Taste and Meridian attribution:

Sweet in taste and flat in nature. Attributive   to liver, kidney


1. Enhance immunity and delay aging:

Wild sorghum contains the most effective   natural free radical scavenger, delaying the aging of human cell tissue,   maintaining a young state and prolonging life.


2. Eyesight function:

long-term use of wild black scented tea to   drink, has obvious protective vision, for adolescents with pseudo-myopia,   middle-aged and elderly ocular, retinal hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy,   cataract, visual fatigue, dry eye syndrome are good Health care role.


3. Improve sleep:

After eating anthocyanosides in black   mites, people feel that their minds area sober and their sleep is completely   improved.

Usage and   Dosage:

Chewing, brewing, brewing wine, soup,   medicine appropriate


The effect of warming the body is quite   strong. People who are suffering from fever, body inflammation, and diarrhea   are advised not to eat.

Activating   ingredients:

Studies have shown that black goji berriy   contains a variety of nutrients such as protein, lycium polysaccharides,   amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc., more precious and more   medicinal than the general red peony, but also contains the unique   anthocyanin OPC, red goji   does not contain All black cockroaches are best for people who are weak,   anti-aging and have poor resistance.


1, Do not overdose

Now, many animal experiments on the   toxicity of black mites prove that black mites are very safe foods, do not   contain any toxins, and can be consumed for a long time. But don't overdo ,   and black mites are no exception. In general, healthy adults eat about 8   grams of black cockroaches a day; if you want to have a therapeutic effect,   it is best to eat about 15 grams a day, if you eat too much, it will have   certain side effects.

2, Directly chewing and eating better

When using black sputum soaked in water or   soup, the efficacy of the sputum is not fully exerted, and the anthocyanins   are also volatile. Due to factors such as water temperature and soaking time,   only some of the medicinal ingredients in the black scorpion can be released   into water or soup. Chewing directly with the mouth, the absorption of   nutrients in the black scorpion will be more adequate, and more conducive to   the health effects of black mites. But when you eat black sputum, you should   pay attention to it. It is best to reduce the number of foods by one-third,   otherwise it will be easy to nourish.


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