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Organic Lycii Fructus Goji Berries Goji Fruit Gochi Gou Qi

Goji berry, or wolfberry, is the fruit of Lycium barbarum. It has been cherished throughout the world as one of the most nutrient-rich foods for hundreds of years. Goji berries could be eaten raw or processed into Goji juice as beverage, and as an eye tonic in herbal medicine.
Product Details:

Common Name:

Organic Barbary   Wolfberry Fruit

Botanical Name:

Lycium   Barbarum L.

Latin Name:

Lycii Fructus

Pinyin Name

Gou Qi Zi

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic &   NOP Organic Certified


Whole Fruit 180/50gr,   280/50gr, 500/gr

Harvesting and   Collection:

Collect in summer   and autumn when the fruits become orange-red.


The big, plump,   red, soft and moist sample with few seeds is the best.

Nature, Taste and   Meridian attribution:

Sweet in taste,   mild in nature. The lung and kidney meridians in attribution.


Tonify the liver   and kidney, replenish essence and blood, improve vision, tranquilize the   mind, and promote the production of fluid.

Usage and Dosage:

10-15g for   decoction.


The drug should be   used cautiously or contraindicated for those with loose stools due to   spleen-deficiency and hypochondriac lump due to cold-phlegm.

Activating ingredients:  

It contains lycium   barbarum polysaccharides, scopoletin, betaine, β-carotenoids, amino acids,   vitamins and various trace elements.


Barbary Wolfberry   Fruit are collected in summer and sutumn when the fruits become orange-red.


Boherbs offers   only cleanest and highest quality Organic Certified Goji Berries, which are   tested and approved by third-party lab on pesticides residue, heavy metals   and SO2 by every lot.


Starting from   September, fresh goji berries will be dedicately processed to dry and remove   from bad, small-sized fruits, imprurities and leaves by color-selector, only   the best-color, fullest, large-sized berries are selected, preserving their   remarkable nutrients.


Boherbs' Goji   Berries are EU& NOP Organic certified, Pesticides-free, Sulfur-free,   & GMO—free.


If you're interested in this product, please send enquiry with detailed specification and requirements to sales@boherbs.com , we'll be ready to reply you immediately.

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