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Organic Arctii Radix Burdock Root Niu Bang Burdock Tea Burdock Supplement

Burdock Root is sweet to the taste and has a gummy consistency, thus is used as vegetables. And as a medicinal herb and herbal tea, it is a good remedy as one of the best blood purifiers to help expel toxic products from the blood through urine.
Product Details:

Common Name:

Organic Great   Burdock Achene

Botanical Name:

Arctium   lappa L.

Latin Name:

Arctii Radix

Pinyin Name:

Niu Bang Gen

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic & NOP   Organic Certified



Harvesting and   Collection:

Collect in autumn   when the fruit are ripe.


The large and full   sample in grayish-brown color is the best.

Nature, Taste and   Meridian attribution:

Acrid and bitter   in taste, cold in nature. The lung and stomach meridians in attribution.


Dispel wind-heat,   remove toxic substances, promote eruption, cease the throat and reduce   swelling.

Usage and Dosage:

3-10g for   decoction, after pounded into pieces.


1.     Contraindicated   for cased with loose stool due to qi deficiency because of its cold and   greasy property.

2.     Used   cautiously for cased with allergic constitution and low blood pressure.

Activating ingredients:  

It contains   arctiin, which is hydrolyzed to produce arctigenin and glucose. In addition   they contain matairesinol, trachelogenin, sesquiligenan AL-D and AL-F. Seeds   containing burdock glycosides, burdock phenol (lap-paol) A, B, C, D, E, F,   Also contains fatty oil, which fatty acid components are: arachic acid,   stearic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid.


Organic Burdock is   a plant presenting all over Asia and Europe. As a natural treatment, it has a   wide number of benefits, favored by worldwide people as both a medicinal herb   and a health tea ingredient.


Crude Root is   mainly used as raw material for medicinal products-making; while   Stiring-Fried Root is favored as a tea infusion due to its pleasant taste. In   the case of preparation for tea, different processing will also bring about   different effects.


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