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Organic Codonopsis Radix Pilose Asiabell Root Tangshen Root Codonopsis Root Dang Shen

Originated mainly in Northeast China, orgnic Codonopsis Root has a long history of using as a tonic in the Traditional Herbal Medicine. It is sometimes used as a substitute for ginseng in general tonic formulas.
Product Details:

Common Name:

Organic Pilose Asiabell Root

Botanical Name:

Codonopsis pilosula (Franch.) Nannf.

Latin Name:

Codonopsis Radix

Pinyin Name:

Dang Shen

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic & NOP Organic Certified




Invigorating the stomach and spleen, and benefiting qi, promoting the production of the body fluids and nourishing the blood.

Farm Information:

Harvested in the autumn, its long and sweet taproot is a constituent of Radix Codonopsis, an herbal mix used to improve appetite and energy. Besides, due to its same properties of curing qi deficiency in chronic disorders with Ginseng, but much cheaper than Ginseng, and called “Poor man’s Ginseng”.


With unique geographical advantage, Boherbs could provide organic Codonopsis pilosula root with pesticides free and rich in content.

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