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Organic Polygoni Multiflori Radix Tuber Fleeceflower Root Fo Ti Root He Shou Wu

With a distinctive sweet and bitter taste, fo-ti is generally used in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic and an anti-aging remedy to nourish the heart and calm the spirit. Except of as tonic, Fo-ti is applied directly to the skin for sores, carbuncles, skin eruptions, and itching.
Product Details:

Common Name:

Organic Fo-ti Root

Botanical Name:

Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.

Latin Name:

Polygoni Multiflori Radix

Pinyin Name

He Shou Wu

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic & NOP Organic Certified




Detoxifying & expelling carbuncle, preventing malaria & relaxing bowel

Farm Information:

With red stems, egg shaped leaves and either white or light green flowers,Organic Polygonum multiflorum, also called Fo-ti root, is a herbaceous perennial vine native to China.


And in cosmetics, fo-ti extract is used as an ingredient in hair and skin care products.


Depending on the method of processing, there are usually two types of Fo-Ti root on the market: raw and prepared (stewed or steamed). Raw Fo-ti root has the function of detoxifying & expelling carbuncle, while the prepared one works quite differently, mainly for nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting life essence and blacking hair. 

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