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Organic Rehmanniae Radix Rehmannia Root Rehmannia Glutinosa Rehmannia 8 Rehmannia 6 Di Huang

Organic Rehmannia glutinosa is very popular in Chinese traditional medicine, where it is considered to be a longevity tonic, and one of the 50 fundamental herbs.
Product Details:

Common Name:

Organic Rehmannia   Root

Botanical Name:

Rehmannia   glutinosa Libosch.

Latin Name:

Rehmanniae Radix

Pinyin Name:

Di Huang

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic &   NOP Organic Certified



Harvesting and Collection:

Collect in autumn   and early winter.


The large, thick,   heavy, black and moist sample is the best.

Nature, Taste and   Meridian attribution:

Sweet and bitter   in taste, cold in nature. The heart, liver and kidney meridians in   attribution.


Clear heat, cool   blood, relieve bleeding, nourish yin and produce fluid.

Usage and Dosage:

10-30g for   decoction


This drug is cold   in nature and moist in quality, and is nor suitable for cases with abdominal   distension and loose stool due to spleen-deficiency and damp retention.

Activating ingredients:  

It contains leonuride,   aucubin, catalpol, rehmannioside ABCD, melittoside, melittoside, geniposide,   8-epiloganic acid, ajugoside, 6-O-E-feruloyl ajugol, 6-O-Z-feruloy6l ajugol,   6-O-vanilloyl ajugol, 6-O-p-coumaroyl ajugol, 6-O-(4″-α-L-rhamnopyranosylvanilloyl   ajugol, jioglutosideAB,   D-glucose, D-gluctose, D-fructose, sucrose, raffinose, stachyose, amn-ninoTCMLIBiose,   verbascose, lysine, histidine, argi-nine, sapartic acid, glutamic acid, threonine,   serine, gluycine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalnine,   γ-aminobotyric acid, glucosamine, D-manni-tol, phosphoric acid, β-siterol, daucosterol,   β-D-galacetoside, adenoside.

Processing Methods   and Functions:

1.     Fresh   Radix Rehanniae Recens

Method: Remove   impurities of fresh drugs, cut them into thick pieces or wring juice.

Function: It can   clear heat, promote fluid production, and cool bllod to stop bleeding.

2.     Raw   Radix Rehmanniae Recens

Method: Remove   impurities of the dried drugs. Soak drugs into the water until the outer   color turns gray and inner color turns yellowish brown. Cut drugs into thick   pieces.

Functions: It has   bitter and cold nature. It can remove heat to cool blood, and nourish yin to   promote the body fluid.

3.     Prepared   Radix Rehmanniae Recens (steaming with/ without adjuvant materials)

Method 1: Mix   drugs with wine thoroughly and then put them in a closed container, steam   above water until the wine is absorbed and    the color turns black and drugs taste sweet, then cut drugs into thick   pieces until the outer skin turns dry. 30-50kg wine per 100kg drugs.

Method 2: Put drug   in a closed container, steam drugs until they turn black, then make them   eighty percent dry, and cut them into thick pieces.

Function: The   nature changes from coldness to warmness, bitterness to sweetness, and the   main effect transfers from clearing to nourishing. It has efficacy of   nourishing yin and tonifying blood.

4.     Charring   Radix Rehmanniae Recens

Method: Preheat a   pot with strong fire, put drugs in and fry quickly until the drugs’ color   shows burned black and start to swell, with bitter nature, take them out and   make them cool.

Function: Cool   blood to stop bleeding.

5.     Charring   Prepared Radix Rehmanniae Recens

Method: Preheat a   pot with strong fire, put drugs in and fry quickly until the drugs’ color   turns burned black with sweet nature, take them our and make them cool.

Function: Nourish   blood to stop bleeding.

Farm Information:

Rehmannia Root is   collected in autumn and early winter. Depending on the method of processing,   there are usually two types of Rehmannia root: raw and prepared. Raw Rehmannia   root has the function of reducing heat in the blood and promoting the   production of body fluid, while the prepared one works quite differently. It   is prepared in the traditional way by boiling the root in a yellow wine   infusion until the liquids have been boiled away and the roots are black and   then dried. The prepared Rehmannia root functions well on nourishing blood   & yin, enriching essence & marrow.


With cultivating   source in Henan, the place of origin of Rehmannia glutinosa, Boherbs makes   strict control of the pesticides during plant growing, and makes fine   harvesting and processing.


From November   every year, fresh roots are harvested, washed, air dried in low temperature   and cut & sift. The whole processing is not treated with any sulfur, thus   to offer clean, sulfur-free and high-content quality and different spec.s   according to different pieces per kg, and different cut sizes according to   customer’s requests.


 If you're interested in this product, please send enquiry with detailed specification and requirements to sales@boherbs.com , we'll be ready to reply you immediately.
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