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Organic Rhodiolae Crenulatae Radix ET Rhizoma Roseroot Rhodiola Root Rhodiola Rosea Root

Wildcrafted in as far west as Xinjiang, Organic Rhodiola Rosea L. is quite different in content from Rhodiola crenulata, common species in China. Except of Salidrosides, Rhodiola Rosea has it unique composition - Rosavins, which work well in promoting the blood circulation.
Product Details:

Common   Name:

Organic  Rhodiola Rosea Root

Botanical   Name:

Rhodiola crenulata  (Hook.f. et Thoms.)H. Ohba

Latin   Name:

Rhodiolae  Crenulatae Radix ET Rhizoma

Pinyin   Name:

Hong  Jing Tian

Plant   Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic &   NOP Organic Certified




Collect   in autumn after the scape dropped.


The   surface brown, rough wrinkled, stripped of the outer epidermis with a layer   of membranous yellow epidermis and a pink pattern is best.

Nature, Taste and   Meridian attribution:

Sweet   and bitter in taste. The lung and heart in attribution.


Promote   circulation of blood and qi, dredge the pulse passage and relieve asthma.

Usage and Dosage:

3-6g   for decoction.


There   is no precaution.

Activating ingredients:  

Rhodiola   Rosea Root contains tyrosol, salidroside, rhodioloside, caffeic acid, umbelliferone,   tyrosol, gallic acid, gallic acid ethyl ester, kaemoferol, β-sitosterol, daucosterol,   rhodioloside.


Rhodiola   Rosea Root is sedum plants large Rhodiola crenulata (Hook. F. Et Thoms.) H.   Ohba dry roots and rhizomes.


Rhodiola   Rosea Root is cylindrical rhizome, chunky, slightly curved, there are few   branches. And the length is 5 ~ 20cm, diameter 2. 9 ~ 4. 5cm. Surface color   generally is brown, rough wrinkled, peeled open epidermis with a membranous   yellow epidermis and a pink pattern. Persistent part is the old stems, stems   base part is the triangle or oval membranous scales. Irregular internodes, the   cross section of Rhodiola Rosea Root color is from pink to purple, a ring   pattern, light, loose. The main * was cylindrical, stout, about 20cm, the   upper diameter of about 1, 5cm, lateral root length 10 ~ 30cm; section of   orange-red or purple, sometimes with cracks. Aroma, slightly bitter and sweet   in taste.


In   Boherbs’ local farm in Xinjiang, roots are always dug out in appropriate new   crop time and processed properly immediately to avoid the loss of the content   to offer the best-quality products to our customer.


If you're interested in this product, please send enquiry with detailed specification and requirements to sales@boherbs.com , we'll be ready to reply you immediately.

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