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Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf

Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf
Boherbs Co., Ltd, is a professional supplier of organic herbs and EU standard herbs, plant extracts and natural food ingredients. With a team of TCM experts and 19 years of experience, Boherbs is dedicated to serving industries of nutraceutcial, pharmaceutical, food and personal care and cosmetic.
Product Details:

Born in the elevation to the middle elevation area, common in the hillside, roadside sun or shade bushes.


Common Name:

Palmleaf  Raspberry Leaf

Botanical Name:

Rubus Chingii Hu.

Latin Name:

Rubus Idaeus

Pinyin Name:

Fu  pen zi ye

Plant Part Used:


Quality   Standard:

EU Organic   & NOP Organic Certified



Nature,   Taste and Meridian attribution:

Sour and salty in taste, flat in nature, non-toxic; attributed   to the stomach, liver meridians.


Treat eyelids, red, tears, sight, dim,   toothache, hemorrhoids

Usage and   Dosage:

External use: tamping or grinding sauce.


Do not use in large   quantities at the beginning of pregnancy.

Activating   ingredients:

Dry leaves contain goshonoside F1, F2, F3,   F4, F5, F6, and F7.


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