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Rosehip Fruits

Rosehip Fruits
Boherbs Co., Ltd, is a professional supplier of organic herbs and EU standard herbs, plant extracts and natural food ingredients. With a team of TCM experts and 19 years of experience, Boherbs is dedicated to serving industries of nutraceutcial, pharmaceutical, food and personal care and cosmetic.
Product Details:

Rosehips have the highest vitamin C content. After testing, the edible part VC content per 100 grams of fresh fruit is more than 6810 mg, up to 8300 mg, ranking first among all vegetables and fruits. It is the crown of the fruit of the earth plant; it is known as the "king of VC". 

Common   Name:

Rosehip Fruits

Botanical   Name:

Rosa L. species

Latin   Name:


Pinyin   Name

Mei Gui  Guo

Plant   Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic &   NOP Organic Certified




Rose   hip has Significant effect on anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-radiation,   anti-hypoxia, anti-thrombosis, blood pressure lowering, anti-cancer, cancer   treatment, strengthening body and aphrodisiac, brain strengthening and   wisdom, prolonging life.

Usage and Dosage:

Rose   fruit tea is simple to make

Take   a small pot of water and bring it to a boil (250 ml).

2.   Add rock sugar and rose fruit and slightly boil for about 2 minites;

3.   Cover and simmer for about 3 minutes, it is ok for drink.


1.Hemochromatosis,   thalassemia: the vitamin C in rose hips increases iron absorption, which can   worsen the condition.

2.Surgery: rose   hips' Rugosin E may slow down blood clotting and stop taking it at least two   weeks before surgery.

Active Ingredients:  

Rosehips also contain high unsaturated fatty   acids such as 20 - carbon didilute acid and 20 - carbon tridilute acid.   Because the fruit contains a variety of nutrients, it has unique functions.   According to relevant data record, natural rose fruit is the medicine that   cures vitamin deficiency disease.


Rose   hips contain vitamin C, about 20 times as much as lemon, which can help with   beauty and prevent colds. It also contains B vitamins, E and K, especially   flavonoids (vitamin P), which are extremely beneficial in inhibiting the   formation of free radicals. Drinking rose-fruit tea can help you look radiant   and ruddy, regulate physiological functions and reduce fatigue. For those who   smoke or drink alcohol, drinking rose-fruit tea prevents rough skin.


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