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Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder Polysaccharide 30% Deoxynojirimycin DNJ 1% 10% Reduce Blood

Mulberry Leaf extract powder is extracted from the dried leaf of Morus alba L. The active ingredients is polysaccharide and -Deoxynojirimycin DNJ. These substances are important biological active substances. Can anti-aging, antifatigue and reduce blood pressure.
Product Details:

English Name:

Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder

Botanical Name:

Morus Alba L.

Part of Used:


Active Ingredients:

Polysaccharide/Deoxynojirimycin DNJ


Polysaccharide> 30%,  (HPLC)

Deoxynojirimycin DNJ> 1%-10% (HPLC)

CAS No.:

Polysaccharide: 19130-96-2

Molecular Formula:

-Deoxynojirimycin DNJ: C6H13NO4




1. To reduce blood pressure, blood glucose, blood fat, cholesterol, atherosclerosis.

2. To improve bowel function and lose weight.

3. Anticoagulation, anti-aging, antifatigue.

4. Antibiosis, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-cancer.

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