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Boherbs insist on preparing and processing herbs under the way of following crop conventional planting and growth. To ensure that we could provide active ingre dients products for customers all the time.


Boherbs believe that detection and analysis is very important for herb planting and processing,we should penetrate detection and analysis in every part. Herbs planting, Boherbs would do according GAP guidelinces, detections, analysis and records should finish within different growth periods. Herbs processing, Boherbs would do according to GMP guidlinces, detections, analysis and records should finish within herbs production processing.


Boherbs guarantees every mass production quality---Safty,& Uniformity &Validity. And keeps detection and analysis penetrating every link in planting and production process. Boherbs ensure every batch product quality passvalidation of the enterprise internal laboratory testing, third-party laboratory testing, and customer evaluation.



Herbs were planted in farm bases under GAP guidelines, and processed in factory under GMP guidelines. Each batch products would be tested by in-house and third party labs (like detection of pesticide residues), and Boherbs have EU&NOP certificates which were detected by BSC Agency.

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